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Okay as the heading says... WTF! I have found the strangest things over the last few weeks but finally this one is the last straw. So anyone who finds articles that leave you saying WTF!
Just copy and paste them to this thread. I will start off with this one;

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Man dies after 50 hours of computer games
South Korean left seat in Internet cafe only to use toilet, take brief naps
Updated: 6:43 p.m. ET Aug. 9, 2005
SEOUL, South Korea - A South Korean man who played computer games for 50 hours almost non-stop died of heart failure minutes after finishing his mammoth session in an Internet cafe, authorities said on Tuesday.
The 28-year-old man, identified only by his family name Lee, had been playing online battle simulation games at the cybercafe in the southeastern city of Taegu, police said.
Lee had planted himself in front of a computer monitor to play online games on Aug. 3. He only left the spot over the next three days to go to the toilet and take brief naps on a makeshift bed, they said.
"We presume the cause of death was heart failure stemming from exhaustion," a Taegu provincial police official said by telephone.
Lee had recently quit his job to spend more time playing games, the daily JoongAng Ilbo reported after interviewing former work colleagues and staff at the Internet cafe.
After he failed to return home, Lee's mother asked his former colleagues to find him. When they reached the cafe, Lee said he would finish the game and then go home, the paper reported.
He died a few minutes later, it said.
South Korea, one of the most wired countries in the world, has a large and highly developed game industry.
Copyright 2005 Reuters Limited.
50 HOURS!Image

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At least he died doing the thing he loved.And what a good way too die after 50 hours of play.Image Image

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Okay I always thought that Kimora Lee was a weird-rejected-disgruntled-loser-of-a-woman who was more lucky than good, but this latest nonsense only clarifies it. After seeing her little house tour on one of those Access Hollywood type shows I was never so repulsed by the sheer stupidity of a person and waste of money and time on handbags and the like for RIDICULIOUS sums of money but this... is pure D GARBAGE
March 28, 2005
Donut licking
Apparently, Kimora Lee Simmons (Russel Simmons' wife) had a TV show - "Life & Style" (who knew?). Well, that show has now been canned and the juicy details of Kimora's on the set "diva behavior" is coming out:
Here are some of my favorite ones (Page Six):
* Kimora missed 35 episodes and gave wild excuses like being in extended mourning for her dead cat.
* Kimora's husband, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, was a repeated on-set nuisance who nagged producers to give his wife a bigger role.
* Kimora called the other hosts Jules Asner, Cynthia Garrett and Lynne Koplitz "bitches and hos" and once berated a Teleprompter operator so badly that he quit on the spot.
* She stole props such as lamps and once made off with an entire rack of lamb from the lunch buffet table. Staff routinely had to be dispatched to the sticky-fingered star's dressing room in order to recover the pilfered booty.
* She forced producers to hire her and Russell's friends for costly no-show jobs, like a celebrity booker for $2,500 a week who never booked a single boldfaced name.
* The statuesque former model also threatened to beat up an eight-month pregnant assistant, prompting weary producers to send the woman home to avert trouble.
* But perhaps the lowest point came when she supposedly had donuts delivered to the set, then licked each and every one so nobody else could eat them.
Stealing lamb and hoarding donuts? By the way, Russell Simmons is worth about $500 million.
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Welcome to Weirdville

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yea that bitch is sumthin else. lol.
i wonder what game that korean dude was playin to be stuck on it for 50 damn hours.Image CK FAN BRIGADE BEEEYAAATCH!ImageImage

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WTF where is EVERYBODY! Image
Man I can hear an echo in hear from the lack of posting, but then again I did just check out the BR Site and I guess no post is better then mindless posts. Image

I was wondering that myself Menace, what game could that dude have played that had him stuck for 50 HOURS, but then I remembered that they have games that are NEVER and WILL NEVER be released here, so it could be ANYTHING!

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Yeah the 50 hour gaming marathon is insane. At some point, his body must have told him to stop but he refused. I have gotten dizzy after sitting in the chair for a few hours of games so I can see how 50 hours could have been too much. ---------------
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I got banned from a Marvel RPG Storyboard because I was asking too many questions of the owner!
It was supposed to be at Alternate X-Men, but the guy running the Board was allowing people to cut, copy and paste the ORIGINAL Marvel Character backgrounds and then he was approving these people to "play" that charactor after the person would add their own little pathetic twists so they can claim it was an alternate original.
The character I wanted to Role Play was Mister Sinister and I created an Alternate Version, per dudes instructions, that was a play off of the Marvel Version, but completely different. My version was still a Villain, but never met Apocalypse, but instead met Darwin himself (Ye Ole Survival of The Fittest Origiator).
It was fun while it lasted, no sooner did I post my Application I started getting EZ Box Inmail from the crunchy-little-cornballs that had done no work and they wanted to know;
"Why don't YO Character have no mention of MINE? I had to mention so-and-so in order to get "ACCEPTED" onto dis board so you gotta do what I did and then we can like HANGOUT!" (This is exaggerated but pretty close)
MAN PLEEZ! In the end the Owner of the Board didn't like me challenging the fact that he had this LAUNDRY LIST of RULES and such, but he let Cornball 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 onto his board and now that I was actually doing what HE said, his crunchy-little cornballs were filling my inbox with complaints.
Dude eventually short circuited and wouldn't tell these guys to just pipe down.
Really it came down to the fact that his Board was really just a hangout spot, a Blog, for people to "tell stories" about being a mutant.
NOT COOL! If I want 90210 Mutants I will watch Smallville, but I won't sit in front of a computer typing away for no good reason! They couldn't even resolve FIGHTS correctly, let alone Telepathy? Dude had hyped his site up in his Rules , FAQ's and Plotline, but then couldn't deliver and had crappy people running characters (for the most part, I found one dude Timote who was cool).
I don't like people stringing me along claiming the moon when they can't even see the stars! (I really had high hopes for that place, but when I saw that I was actually joining F-TROOP! AWWWWWWWW HELLLLLLLL NO!)
So, I set a psych trap and then got the hell outta there!
Dude banned me, but set off the trap!
As of this morning the site is Closing down.
-Now I'm listening to James Brown's "Big Payback"-
In response to collapsing that site I need to get off this computer and go do something in the real world. See ya later!

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This has to be the biggest amount of ineptitude that I have ever seen in my young 33 years of life. My family comes from New Orleans and although I have not been down there recently I grew up going to New Orleans every summer and my uncle Percy had to explain to me why I was able to see the ships in the harbor at eye level.
By the time he had explained that the city sat below sea level he told me that he thought that the city would ultimately be destroyed, but he never thought it would be within his lifetime.

Uncle Percy died roughly 5 years ago and sure enough, not within his lifetime was this beautiful city utterly destroyed. The circumstances around the city and within the state as a whole are now conspiring to all but ruin any chance of rebuilding. The fact that 8-10% of the countries oil comes from the region has already driven gas prices through the roof, but more importantly the oil and chemicals from the flooded and damaged areas along with sewage and the like have turned the place into something out of the Fist of the Northstar.
So with all of this so-called power the country stands still albeit slow in its response to getting the remaining citizens out of New Orleans who could not leave under their own power. It is disgraceful that this country is COMPLETELY INEPT in dealing with a situation that ACTUALLY WAS FOREWARNED.
The mayor of Gulfport, Mississippi said that "This is our tsunami."
The tsunami was an unexpected event that no one had advance warning for or of.
Hurricaine Katrina was a known situation and was the first Category 5 that was ever expected to actually make landfall at it's full intensity... and where is the president... as this hurricaine is headed towards a city that sits BELOW SEA-LEVEL... on vacation.
Worse than this, the entire situation shows the failure of the entire governmental chain of command on a local, regional, state and national level!
Half of Louisiana's National Guard is in Iraq and even as I type they have caught cops in New Orleans LOOTING!
The response to the disaster in New Orleans is a reflection of where we are as a society and where we are headed. Bringing Freedom to Iraq while our own citizens are dying in the streets.

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By ADAM NOSSITER, Associated Press Writer
10 minutes ago

NEW ORLEANS - Fights and trash fires broke out at the hot and stinking Superdome and anger and unrest mounted across New Orleans on Thursday, as National Guardsmen in armored vehicles poured in to help restore order across the increasingly lawless and desperate city.

"We are out here like pure animals. We don't have help," the Rev. Issac Clark, 68, said outside the New Orleans Convention Center, where corpses lay in the open and evacuees complained that they were dropped off and given nothing.
An additional 10,000 National Guard troops from across the country were ordered into the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast to shore up security, rescue and relief operations in Katrina's wake as looting, shootings, gunfire, carjackings and other lawlessness spread.
That brought the number of troops dedicated to the effort to more than 28,000, in what may be the biggest military response to a natural disaster in U.S. history.
"The truth is, a terrible tragedy like this brings out the best in most people, brings out the worst in some people," said Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour on NBC's "Today" show. "We're trying to deal with looters as ruthlessly as we can get our hands on them."
The Superdome, where some 25,000 people were being evacuated by bus to the Houston Astrodome, descended into chaos.
Huge crowds, hoping to finally escape the stifling confines of the stadium, jammed the main concourse outside the dome, spilling out over the ramp to the Hyatt hotel next door a seething sea of tense, unhappy, people packed shoulder-to-shoulder up to the barricades where heavily armed National Guardsmen stood.
Fights broke out. A fire erupted in a trash chute inside the dome, but a National Guard commander said it did not affect the evacuation.
Outside the Convention Center, the sidewalks were packed with people without food, water or medical care, and with no sign of law enforcement. Thousands of storm refugees had been assembling outside for days, waiting for buses that did not come.
At least seven bodies were scattered outside, and hungry, desperate people who were tired of waiting broke through the steel doors to a food service entrance and began pushing out pallets of water and juice and whatever else they could find.
An old man in a chaise lounge lay dead in a grassy median as hungry babies wailed around him. Around the corner, an elderly woman lay dead in her wheelchair, covered up by a blanket, and another body lay beside her wrapped in a sheet.
"I don't treat my dog like that," 47-year-old Daniel Edwards said as he pointed at the woman in the wheelchair. "I buried my dog." He added: "You can do everything for other countries but you can't do nothing for your own people. You can go overseas with the military but you can't get them down here."
Just above the convention center on Interstate 10, commercial buses were lined up, going nowhere. The street outside the center, above the floodwaters, smelled of urine and feces, and was choked with dirty diapers, old bottles and garbage.
"They've been teasing us with buses for four days," Edwards said.
People chanted, "Help, help!" as reporters and photographers walked through. The crowd got angry when journalists tried to photograph one of the bodies, and covered it over with a blanket. A woman, screaming, went on the front steps of the convention center and led the crowd in reciting the 23rd Psalm.
John Murray, 52, said: "It's like they're punishing us."
The first of hundreds of busloads of people evacuated from the Superdome arrived early Thursday at their new temporary home another sports arena, the Houston Astrodome, 350 miles away.
But the ambulance service in charge of taking the sick and injured from the Superdome suspended flights after a shot was reported fired at a military helicopter. Richard Zuschlag, chief of Acadian Ambulance, said it had become too dangerous for his pilots.
The military, which was overseeing the removal of the able-bodied by buses, continued the ground evacuation without interruption, said National Guard Lt. Col. Pete Schneider. The government had no immediate confirmation of whether a military helicopter was fired on.
In Texas, the governor's office said Texas has agreed to take in an additional 25,000 refugees from Katrina and plans to house them in San Antonio, though exactly where has not been determined.
In Washington, the White House said President Bush will tour the devastated Gulf Coast region on Friday and has asked his father, former President George H.W. Bush, and former President Clinton to lead a private fund-raising campaign for victims.
The president urged a crackdown on the lawlessness.
"I think there ought to be zero tolerance of people breaking the law during an emergency such as this whether it be looting, or price gouging at the gasoline pump, or taking advantage of charitable giving or insurance fraud," Bush said. "And I've made that clear to our attorney general. The citizens ought to be working together."
On Wednesday, Mayor Ray Nagin offered the most startling estimate yet of the magnitude of the disaster: Asked how many people died in New Orleans, he said: "Minimum, hundreds. Most likely, thousands." The death toll has already reached at least 110 in Mississippi.
If the estimate proves correct, it would make Katrina the worst natural disaster in the United States since at least the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire, which was blamed for anywhere from about 500 to 6,000 deaths. Katrina would also be the nation's deadliest hurricane since 1900, when a storm in Galveston, Texas, killed between 6,000 and 12,000 people.
Nagin called for a total evacuation of New Orleans, saying the city had become uninhabitable for the 50,000 to 100,000 who remained behind after the city of nearly a half-million people was ordered cleared out over the weekend, before Katrina blasted the Gulf Coast with 145-mph winds.
The mayor said that it will be two or three months before the city is functioning again and that people would not be allowed back into their homes for at least a month or two.
"We need an effort of 9-11 proportions," former New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial, now president of the Urban League, said on NBC's "Today" show. "So many of the people who did not evacuate, could not evacuate for whatever reason. They are people who are African-American mostly but not completely, and people who were of little or limited economic means. They are the folks, we've got to get them out of there."
"A great American city is fighting for its life," he added. "We must rebuild New Orleans, the city that gave us jazz, and music, and multiculturalism."
With New Orleans sinking deeper into desperation, Nagin ordered virtually the entire police force to abandon search-and-rescue efforts Wednesday and stop the increasingly brazen thieves.
"They are starting to get closer to heavily populated areas hotels, hospitals, and we're going to stop it right now," Nagin said.
In a sign of growing lawlessness, Tenet HealthCare Corp. asked authorities late Wednesday to help evacuate a fully functioning hospital in Gretna after a supply truck carrying food, water and medical supplies was held up at gunpoint.
The floodwaters streamed into the city's streets from two levee breaks near Lake Pontchartrain a day after New Orleans thought it had escaped catastrophic damage from Katrina. The floodwaters covered 80 percent of the city, in some areas 20 feet deep, in a reddish-brown soup of sewage, gasoline and garbage.
The Army Corps of Engineers said it planned to use heavy-duty Chinook helicopters to drop 15,000-pound bags of sand and stone into a 500-foot gap in the failed floodwall.
But the agency said it was having trouble getting the sandbags and dozens of 15-foot highway barriers to the site because the city's waterways were blocked by loose barges, boats and large debris.
Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu toured the stricken areas said said rescued people begged him to pass information to their families. His pocket was full of scraps of paper on which he had scribbled down their phone numbers.
When he got a working phone in the early morning hours Thursday, he contacted a woman whose father had been rescued and told her: "Your daddy's alive, and he said to tell you he loves you."
"She just started crying. She said, `I thought he was dead,'" he said.