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This is long, but it's worth it, so sit down... Grab yourself some Fra-talian coffee and enjoy. As some of you may know, or even care. I used to write
celebrity catfight stories for Stonerage's Catfight Celebrity site. I posted at the top of this year that I parted ways with him because when we were in
the midst of a discussion about race and America, he claims to be Black, I dunno because I can't see him no more than any of you can see me. Either way he
started getting heated because he'd been gettin his butt-whipped in most of our debate's, AND!?!? He was gettin his ass handed to him in regards to his
writing ability for his own site. I guess I'd be kinda angry if some dude comes in with an idea that catfight writing can actually be respected if the
writer actually writes like he's not here to simply stroke himself under his desk.

HA-HA-HA, that's one helluva visual, HA-HA, ahem... sorry.

Why then am I creating this topic when I never did it for the the year and a half that I was actually writing for his site? Because I recently got some emails
from members that were on there where they stated that everything that I had said had come true. Once I left his site hit rock-f**kin-bottom in a hurry. And
since I had him take down all of my stories I'm sure his hits dropped off as well. I still believe that his rate of traffic over my stories had increased
to such an extent that he was talking to someone, somewhere, but he refused to say anything to me about because of whatever delusions of money or some nonsense
like that. I already stated that I had found links from other places that tied directly back to some of my pages on his site, with the Chiaki page being one of

Well, when I had him take down everything of course those that loved to read my stories had nothing to read, and most likely left his site altogether. Stone
Rage is not exactly someone who feels comfortable about telling someone the full story about things unless it doesn't cast him a certain way, so he never
told anyone why I left, unless they were a part of the Yahoo Group that his site used. Regardless of this, I got a number of emails after April 15th stating
that Stone Rage had taken bits and pieces of the story that I wrote and re-posted it on his site as something he had done. At first I didn't care, but more
emails started coming in and people were pretty pissed off because they enjoyed my original stories and the fact that I clearly cared about what I was writing
about. My three central characters were Vivica A.Fox, Lucy Liu, and Chiaki Kuriyama. These three were a group called VLK, which is just Vivica/Lucy/Kuriyama,
where I honestly, actually, took them through the process of Stone Rage's catfight celebrity league called the Battle Zone League.

So that means that while all of his previous writers, himself included, were more concerned about fetishes, flash and trash, I actually took it seriously in
regards to this "world" that Stone Rage had created. So my stories followed the realistic line of; "How would this play out in real life?"

Now check this out, what I said to myself is; I wrote Walking Dead/Phoenix Rising. I learned all kinds of things about Vivica Fox, Lucy Liu and Chiaki
Kuriyama. I even talked to a few of their agents (Vivica Fox's in particular), and I sent in manuscripts and saw how things work (Lucy Liu's agency in
particular). Never mind the fact that I was able to accurately predict the fact that Chiaki's agency is either unable to promote her correctly, doesn't
know how, OR!? Doesn't WANT TO promote her, because then she might jump ship, OR WORSE, they might encounter a foreign agency that is willing to buy out
her contract so that they hold exclusive rights to promote her. Some of these things I have verified, some I have guessed, some I KNOW and simply will not post
it. Why? Because I'm evil, HA-HA-HAH! Shout out to the writers of JLU!

Lex Luthor with the brain of the Flash in his body, uses the men's room as a diversion to try to figure out how the hell did he get into Lex Luthor's
body! One of Luthor's super-villain henchmen comes in while he's staring in the mirror trying to figure out what to do now, and he assumes that
Lex/Flash has used the john, so he asks him when he just starts to walk out of the men's room;

"Hey? You gonna wash your hands?"

And Lex/Flash says;

"No... because I'm evil."

So you gotta imagine if I get a kick outta something like that, and I post the kinds of post I make here? I'm not just gonna write some ole hot-oil/mud
wrestling crud! Nahhhhh, what fun would that be?!?! Instead, I decided to take Stone Rage's League concept to its ultimate conclusion. So I'm writing
things as if this place ACTUALLY EXISTS! And that is why his hits went through the roof! The first VLK character that gets introduced is Vivica, whom I decided
to do what they didn't do. Whatever someone else had written on that site, that was a part of the actual League Battles, I INCLUDED IT! In real life,
mofo's don't forgot when they get their butt's kicked. So the first post starts off with Vivica in a bar in Vegas, sulking about her loss to Halle
(Berry). The centerpiece of my storyline, is introduced as a nameless Catfight Promoter who is thinking about being a manager in Stone Rage's, Battle Zone
League (BZL). I took/take, the bits and pieces of reality, to help make my stories not only more believable, but so that Vivica A.Fox on this site, becomes a
close copy of Vivica A.Fox in real life! So the reader can envision that, yeah, I could see her sayin some s**t like that!

Once a reader connects like that, I GOTCHA! Now, I can begin to tell a story and spin a storyline where as long as I don't screw it up, you will honestly
be able to enjoy what the hell you are reading and want to read more. This is no different than what I do when I write my "normal books". Either way,
most catfight sites don't actually acknowledge the women as people, but only as a vehicle for sexual fetish fantasy! Who the hell can't do that,
ooooooooooooo, that's so goddamn original, NO! It's not. So when you read a catfight story where the women in it actually have a pulse, let alone a
personality!? Well, you know that at some point they gotta fight some other woman, but the concept of actually acknowledging that the catfighting is one side,
one aspect, to this woman, this person. When the lights come on and the curtain comes up and the fireworks go off, then she's here to face-off with
whomever her opponent is for the night, and her job is to entertain the crowd and pick up a pin, get the win, OR!? Get her ass handed to her and get pinned.
But what happened before that point? What happens AFTER THAT POINT!?!? Why are they even doing this in the first place? And those are the things I brought to
his site.

In my first post called A New Beginning, you find out that the Mystery Manager had also invited Lucy Liu to Sin City in order to start training her and
teaching her the ropes of Celebrity Catfighting and this one particular league, the Battle Zone League. So as you can see, I painted a picture that other
leagues existed, but that Stone Rage's league was the best of the best. Well, Lucy and Vivica get into a war of words because Mister Manager (the mystery
dude) had invited Lucy to Sin City, but didn't tell her about Vivica. Lucy had walked in to this bar because it's actually the Lounge of the MGM Grand
of Las Vegas. So you can guess she wasn't too pleased when she walks up on the dude that got her out here. Hadn't been able to find his ass earlier,
decides to go to the Lounge and THEN she see's that he's sittin at this high-end bar with some other woman telling her something similar to what
he'd said to her to get her to come out here. An argument ensues that spins out of control because neither Lucy or Vivica is known for their calm demeanor
when they know they don't have to worry about camera's being on them.

In the end, they fight at a training gym and Lucy looses solely because of her own arrogance. A number of support characters are introduced, but in the next
post we find Vivica has gone off to try to fight Halle again, while Lucy Liu and Mister Manager are on a plane to Tokyo. I decided to call the post Lucy Liu
Does Tokyo, in honor of the infamous Debbie Does Dallas. I even wrote a bizarre exchange between Lucy and Mister Manager in the first paragraph where Lucy is
asking "What's up with the title!?" where the reader and Mister Manager are led to believe she is asking about title shots in the League, but
really she is talking about the fact that I named the post after a porn tape. A few people emailed me and said they picked up on the fact that she's
actually bitching about the fact that the title of the story paints her out to be some sort of porn chick! LOL!

In this post, Lucy and Mister Manager go to Tokyo in order for Lucy to wrestle against Chiaki. We find Lucy is still living in the Kill Bill Era and still
calling Chiaki, Gogo, instead of her real name, something she notes annoys Mister Manager. Mind you, she (Lucy), still doesn't know this guys name, or so
it appears. So again, the reader is actually getting more than rip her shirt off, taste-great, LESS FILLING! In the end, Lucy is absolutely clueless on what
has actually been going on regarding Chiaki.

Meanwhile, we find Chiaki sitting in her locker room alone. Earlier Lucy had attempted to call her, but Chiaki hung up on her. The reader is given a taste of
what would eventually be revealed to be the Japanese equivalent of Stone Rage's, Battle Zone League. I give a foreshadowing of the NNL (New Nihon League)
which Chiaki and ALL actress idols are a part of. The NNL is actually controlled by the Talent Agency's of Japan and it is interwoven with the actual idol
entertainment industry. So even if one is NOT but so successful in the other areas of idol entertainment, they can still become a top notch catfighter in the
NNL. Most of this would be talked about in bits and pieces in later stories, but as of this point it is made crystal clear that Chiaki has an axe to grind on
Lucy's head! And that she knows Mister Manager already.

The fight takes place as the main event in the Tokyo Dome. It is a contract match, which Lucy was already told about. Mister Manager revealed earlier that in
actuality he tried to recruit Chiaki wayyy before he ever talked to Lucy or Vivica, but things in Japan are different than in the US. He explains that a
bizarre stipulation was made by Chiaki, which was actually made by her TA (Talent Agency), that the only way she could compete outside of the NNL, at least the
way that Mister Manager wanted her to, was if HE could build his own stable of catfighter's, join a league, A REPUTABLE ONE! And then one of the women from
his stable would have to BEAT CHIAKI IN A MATCH! The catch is, that they are aware that Chiaki wants to leave, but if she leaves without their permission, then
she'll never work in Japan again. So Chiaki cannot throw the match otherwise THEY WILL DETERMINE the results invalid, and annul their agreement to let her
leave Japan. So Lucy has to actually win the match and do so in such a way that the NNL cannot claim that Chiaki had somehow ALLOWED HERSELF to be pinned.

You can imagine that the fight was pretty intense, and the fact that Chiaki genuinely hated Lucy for something that she had did to her. Bottom line is, after
being gone for almost three months, Stonerage must have become desperate because he claimed to have posted a story about Lucy Liu vs. Chiaki Kuriyama but
instead, he took the match word for word from my original 2006 story and simply chopped out certain parts. So people started sending me emails and IM-ing me
that he had stolen the story and reposted it as his. I finally checked it out and sure enough, he had ripped off and cut, copied, pasted,
word-for-stinkin-word, the entire fight! So we had to have a bit of a talk about that... What I have found out is that people liked the Chiaki stories because
it delved into the NNL and it delved into an actress that many know by face, but nothing more. Never mind that my stories covered every angle and I am totally
unapologetic about it. By the time I left from there Lucy had cheated Chiaki in a second match and finally came clean about the fact that she was attracted to
her. The two of them were starting to explore their actual feelings towards each other while they were still moving along in the League. I am currently talking
to Stone Rage about reposting the stories since he has admitted to stealing them and the fact that he cannot recapture the personalities that I created for
Chiaki or Lucy...
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Stone Rage's admission;

How Yall?

I'm not trying to front, hide or make that story appear anything other than what it was. By the way it was interpreted, it was a remaking of your story. I
would have easily or readily admitted or said that at anytime.

I really know very little about Chiaki, and I don't capture Liu's bitchiness or bitterness nowhere close to your stories. So using your words, I stole,
plagiarize, and/or copied your work, guilty as charged. I prefer to say, "I remade a classic" (that's a very polite way of putting it.) You have
no arguement from me.


Mind you, he still attempted to spin it, but I had to tell him that he didn't bother to tell anyone when he posted that story, that it was actually from
Geese Howard, or that he was "remaking a classic". I will say that I never expected to be cut at the kneecaps by a Celebrity Catfight Site owner, how
weird is that!?!? It's not like he OR ME, can get paid, because these are real actresses names and whatnot. Now I do know that, in this world, and not this
world! But in America, the internet and business trend for the last 15 years has become "Potential Profit", which has created multi-billionaires from
people on the internet generating enough traffic to cause legit companies to buy advertising time from them due to the amount of traffic their site has. This
is also why everything can quickly go in the crapper because people are doing business and getting loans from banks, based off of POTENTIAL, instead of off of
solid, hard, REVENUE!

I have long suspected that Stone Rage was getting a ton of traffic as I posted more and more stories, especially wheneven I posted any Erotic City Series
titles. Nothing like hot sex on a platter with some real substance. One person claimed I was some kind of tabloid writer... which was just... bizarre.

I talked with my brother and he agreed with me when I told him that I might as well let Stone Rage repost the stories and retake the characters that I wrote
for, since it will only be a matter of time before Stone Rage believes that because I have left again, he might try to sneak up another story on his site.
Better to repost my work and then make sure that others are aware of who the author is, especially since I am almost finished my actual book. I will say again
that I was surprised that I had gained attention for my stories, and the fact that Stone Rage wouldn't tell me how many hits they were getting, nor from
where. I wanna point out that my stories range from rated G to XXX, so it depends on what is going on at that time and whether or not it is public or not,
regarding where the characters are at. There are elements of BDSM, elements of racism/prejudice, moments of lust as well as love and then some real serious
s**t where people have commented that these could be composed into an actual book if name changes were made. And of course, there's a lot of funny stuff in
there as the characters interact with each other and actually learn more about each other and the world that they have gotten into...

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I am in the midst of negotiating for my own page on Stonerage's site, why? Because I can't trust him any further than I can throw him, that's why.
I will get into the details but the guy was stealing and paraphrasing because he had run out of idea's. At first I was going to just tell him to leave my
work alone and stop trying to sneak it up on the site. But then I realized that once I leave he would just come back months later and try again. So we are in
the midst of trying to find a compromise, never mind that people have asked me to come back to the site because it sucks now and they want me to go back to
writing my stories. So... as of now Stonerage suggested giving me my own page and making my stories totally separate from his, which is fine by me.

I just sent him an email of what I would need and I'll see what he says. If this pans out then I will have my own league and the like where I can post my
stories without worrying about what he is doing...

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Well, I got my own page. I'm creeping along with the bios for this. I decided that I would actually spin the bios as if this "world" that I write
about on the site, is real. I've already been told by some that I might actually want to copyright some of my concepts because the writing is far from the
typical catfight writing. Never mind that the names of the actual celebs can be, COULD BE, changed, and the stories compiled into a blue book for serious
publication. I'm milling over that. I was told that reading my stories is better than watching some so-called TV shows.

Maybe, I took the compliment with a grain of salt, but even I have had to admit that the stories are far from a-typical and there is actual character
development and interaction.

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Bio is done for the Chiaki catfight character...

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The bios for All Letter A celebrity's, has been sent in. Stone Rage is starting to post the bios that I have created for my page. I also completed a
story last night for Brandy, remember her?!?! Brandy the American R&B singer!?!? Well, she had a rough go of it in Stone Rage's league, and I like to
include the entire history of anything that I happen to pick up, or continue. Bottom line is... Brandy is kinda crazy after all of the ordeals that she went
through as a catfighter in Stone Rage's, Battle Zone League. So, in typical fashion, I included it and re-shaped the writing for her.

Stone Rage used a lot of poll votes back in the day to determine who won matches, who won belts, etc. Me? Nah, I don't need public opinion to tell me how
to write a good story, and I made sure to make it clear that I didn't want him telling me who should win matches. Mind you, he never said that he would,
but I made it crystal clear to him that I wasn't gonna let POLLS, determine who wins or looses my matches! It was the polls on his yahoo groups that kept
causing him and his other writers, to run and write stories here, there, everywhere! With no real consistency. So I decided to make sure to tell him when I
joined a few years back, no poll voting for my stories, otherwise I'm simply not going to write.

In the end, my way of doing things generated far more hits for him and his site than I was being told about. Either way, when he put up a poll about;

Choose the Fate of Brandy?

I decided after reading his old stories from the late 90's, which means that Brandy hadn't had a NEW STORY, since 1999-2001!?!? Which is crazy, I know,
right!?!? But Stone Rage didn't have any more interest in her after the poll voting had her getting her butt kicked damn near every match. So I told him in
2007 when he did the poll;

I'llllllllllll handle this...

Sure enough he ended up telling me that he was surprised by the number of hits the story was getting. In the end I simply wrote the stories based off of what
his previous writers had done.

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Chiaki's new page is now posted...

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Well, I accomplished one of my goals for the summer, got my W3W page done and of course Chiaki is one of the central catfight characters of this fictional world where celebrity catfighting is actually important to ones career. The better celebrity catfight company is, the more connections they have in the entertainment industry. Chiaki was originally a part of the NNL (New Nihon League) in Japan. She eventually goes to Sin City and joins the W3W. Here is the link banner on the homepage that leads to my page, I feel rather good about the way that it turned out;

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She keeps on passin me, by...

That is a quote from Pharcyde, a West Coast Hip-Hop Group from the 90's who were very good and never got the kind of recognition that they should have.
Either way, it is a quote from their song, Passin Me By, look it up on Youtube, Pharcyde, Passin Me By...

Now to my reason for posting this. I've said it from day one, that I don't write stories for kids, simple as that. The stories that I write, are
adult, period-point blank, end of story. If you can't handle it, then transform, ANNND ROLLLL OUT! LOL! And I'm not putting this up here because
someone sent me some sort of negative email, but to let people know ahead of time that I am aware of what I have written and I have thought about it and
decided to put it out there and leave it. If you cannot handle the content, then don't read it. And that's all I have to actually say. I have gotten a
lot of positive responses and even ones where people are like "Dude, how do you come up with this stuff?" I've always been creative and I am one
of the few people who will honestly admit that I like to see catfights, but I don't like mindless crap, which many men today, and now women, like that as
well. I had that problem with Jenn from the UK on her Roma Victrix Yahoo Group. Jenn liked the erotic qualities only of writing about women fighting and she
was heavily into humiliation and degrading while having no story to speak of whatsoever in what she wrote.

Me? And her? Oh yeah, WE CLASHED! And I had ta ROCK THA CASBAH! Get it, the Clash, Rock the Casbah... My material is wasted on you, LOL! Bottom line is that
while I was writing out STORIES, she was generating post to satisfy what was between her legs! Eventually, people didn't wanna read what she wrote,
meanwhile, people kept asking me to write more and more and just like with Stonerage's site, I ended up taking over the Yahoo Group. Jenn got pissed, much
like Stonerage, but Jenn took it to the full-nine by trying to use her authority as the owner, so I left. The site died almost immediately, because I took down
ALL of my post! And she freaked out! As if I would leave my work somewhere to help her the hell out. Just like there, I write the stories for the sole purpose
of creating something worth reading, nothing more and nothing less. They had good fights, eroticism, but they had very good stories and that's why they
worked, just like the Chiaki stories on my page.

Okay, that's it, my sermon from atop Mt. Mita is now over. I will now... ROCK OUT, to Black Sabbath and IRON MAN! Have a GREAT ONE PEOPLE! GET OUT THERE
AND LIVE LIFE... Cause you're gonna be dead one day, that I can assure you. Wasn't that motivating, LOL!


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Got an offer by a reader to build a site for me because they are tired of Stonerage's slow posting, now? I never met the guy, but he isn't the first
one to suggest such a thing. I've also had this happen when I was on that Amazon RPG site in 2005. Some of the women there wanted me to actually build a
site around my stories and others wanted me to publish them, a few, actually VOLUNTEERED, to pay for it.


I ignored it, because I didn't know them, couldn't see them face-to-face because they lived in Europe and other parts of America, and thought the whole
thing was a loud a cow-patty! Now though, I've been getting the same requests by people who read the stories I post on my W3W page, where they're
talking about ponying-up for my own site... This has only made me work harder for Lady Yoma, because that is the stuff that I really wanna get out to the
public! The W3W stories would need to be changed around since they use living people, if I wanted to actually package and sell the stories.....