any news onscrap heaven??????

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hi !!![/img]can any one tell me what SH is all about???

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I'd say just read the first two pages of the Scrap Heaven thread, I summarized the movie awhile ago, or you can download the movie from the links thread and see it for yourself. Image Image

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I now have the Deluxe DVD with deleted scenes and... I still haven't watched it yet. Over the years I have really been tuning out many of Chiaki's
projects because I just don't feel as though they actually, honestly, do her any justice as an actress. I find them clunky, corny, or limited. I was
tempted to say cumbersome, and I think that is actually true. Attempts at original projects like EXTE, just fizzle out in the end. Things that could have
become their own independent creations if some work were done, like Mail? Cling to the original Manga or Anime or whatever, and all potential is lost in the
process. I own most of Chiaki's movies, but I really don't watch them because of these things. But it is because of these things that I am driven to
write, inspired to create, what I believe will ultimately allow her to showcase her real talents.